A poem for those who feel the need to start over.

Familiar places feel like frostbite on my lips;

it’s been so long since I’ve called these hollow roads home.

The word itself feels like a robbery

a trajectory my life never took here

Please let it be known I never wanted to feel

So Lost

I tried my best to adjust to unwelcome lands

But they did not want me

No, I did not want this.

So I am loosening the threads

around my neck

my fingers

my legs and my arms

I am letting my life spill out where it may

I am recollecting the tombs I’ve placed here

may someone elses’ unhurried thoughts

take their place. May the slow,

burning summer of my mind

know that life is elsewhere

I will circle together my chains

where life grows.

I will show the world

that tumbleweeds can still bloom



Breyanna Wilson

Breyanna Wilson

Have you ever felt that you had to figure out life yourself? We’re meant to traverse life together. Find my thoughts, tarot tips and more here.