Spring Cleaning For Your Soul

Spring is upon us! And as we’re seeing the flowers bloom and more sun, what are you doing to carry this rebirth energy into your life?

The season of spring is most associated with rebirth, change, and growth. And let me tell you that these past two weeks have been full of growing pains for me. It is the time when nature awakens, and new life emerges. But new life can’t happen where’s there are still weeds and clutter.

When we want a new stage of our life, we have to be willing to let some things go. So I want us to start at the basics to bring this spring energy to us: it’s time to clean house!

As we near the spring equinox on March 20th, I’m throwing this challenge to our community this week: let’s clean our house! And I don’t just mean dishes and laundry; I mean doing an energetic check-in with our home and see what it needs from us to thrive — so we can succeed and have our homes working in our energetic favor!

Is there anything in your home that has stagnant energy and needs to go? Are there items you’re holding onto for such and such reasons?

Trust me; simply cleaning your home and getting rid of no longer needed things can make a vast improvement to your home’s energy and your energy.

A little while back, I was dealing with a month-long streak of feeling blah. I couldn’t get centered, didn’t feel satisfied, and there was no real reason why until I decided to expand my focus and look at the four walls surrounding me. It was beyond a hot mess in my room. I’d been struggling to keep my room clean. Why? Maybe a part of me likes the chaos. But I do know that when I finally cleaned the room and threw some things away, the relief I feel is immense.

Sometimes it’s a simple action that can have the most revolutionary of changes.

Why is it important to clean our home? For one, it’ll make you feel better. And two, our home is a reflection of us. Have you ever thought about how your environment is here to support you and your journey? It can’t really do that if the home has energy issues. A lot of our environment and people around us reflect us. The main thing with our home is this: if we’re feeling chaotic, the home will be chaotic. If we’re feeling stressed, the home will feel stressed.

Vacuuming and organizing not woo-woo enough for you? Try smoke cleansing your home with some sage or palo santo. The critical thing to note is that we have to clear any energy gunk we have first in the house and then top it off with burning herbs and setting an intention.

Another way you can bring in spring energy is nature! Tap into that inner child’s energy and go collect rocks or leaves outside. I’m not kidding. This is such an easy way to bring spring to you (especially right now, when we’re all seeing the same four walls for much of the day).

And if you live in the city and have absolutely no nature nearby, buy a bouquet. Or go for a walk somewhere! If you feel called, you can even include items in a spring altar or shrine.

I have been feeling such creation and rebirth energy within me. I want to do all the things and not waste a second! Which is admirable, but I reign it in a bit and see what needs to be done first. There’s no point in dreaming up everything if I get stuck in my ideas. For right now, I’m feeling the catalytic creation energy and doing the next right thing with it. If anyone else feels this “need to create,” let me know down in the comments below!

Happy Spring and Happy Ostara to all of you!

P.S. — I know Ostara’s on March 20th; I’m just celebrating early!



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